If you are planning to install an energy device in your home or business, you are required to register your energy device with your Distribution Network Operator (DNO), the company that is responsible for bringing electricity to the property where you are installing the device.

You must notify your local DNO if you make any significant change to your connection, such as installing one of the following energy devices;

– solar photovoltaic (PV)
– heat pump
– electric vehicle (EV) charge point
– battery storage

types of applications


To install small scale generation equipment rated under 3.68kW at your home or business, you will need to contact a certified installer to carry out the work. Your installer will check if your existing electricity supply is adequate for the additional load. If the electricity supply is suitable, your installer can connect the equipment and notify the DNO afterwards. 



If you are connecting large scale generation, above 16A (3.68kW) per phase or energy storage, then you will need to complete a G99 application with the relevant DNO.  This is so they can accurately calculate the amount of potential voltage rises. In many cases this will require a network study to check that the local grid network is adequate for the power your system will produce. If the grid needs additional work to cope with the energy from your system, the DNO is required to provide you with a quote for the work within 45 days, if a higher level of response is required this can sometimes takes up to 65 days.


If you are installing an EV charger this will require a separate application to the DNO.



As part of the application process we will need to know what size system you want to apply for, and know whether you have any existing renewable equipment already installed.  You will have to complete a form that allows us to submit this on your behalf and will be required to provide a copy of your latest electricity bill.

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