Turkey farmer switches to Victron Energy off-grid battery storage system with the help of Energy Monkey Ltd

This is Will from Meadowbrook Turkey’s who has just switched to a Victron Energy off-grid battery storage system. Will is a turkey farmer and has 50 acres of land set in East Sussex in the southeast of England. On the land there are several barns, turkey shed’s and now a new welfare building. The farm is […]

How do lithium-ion battery chargers work?

Lithium ion battery chargers Victron IP65 Energy Monkey

A world without lithium-ion batteries is hard to imagine.  The technological advancements that we speak of are possible because of the invention of lithium-ion batteries.  While these batteries provide excellent performances, we have to charge them for their proper functioning. Recharging and charging are possible because of chemical reactions that occur inside the battery.  The […]

Domestic Renewable Energy Storage – to store or not to store

Domestic Renewable Energy Storage System Victron Energy Monkey

Domestic Renewable Energy Storage – Recent technological advancements have transformed the concept of domestic renewable energy storage.  Smart homes can monitor their energy usage online and recharge their renewable energy storage system from solar PV, which provides an infinite supply of green renewable energy. So is renewable energy is worth it? What is domestic renewable […]

Ve.CAN Bus SolarChargers

Victron CAN Bus Solar Charger MPPT Range

Ve.CAN Bus SolarChargers – Interfacing for up to 25 charge controllers Ve.CAN Bus SolarChargers adding to Victron’s comprehensive range of Solar Charge Controllers, we can now announce new models with VE.Can connectivity. These currently include the SmartSolar MPPT 150/70 & 150/100 VE.Can with auto-select voltage for systems of 12, 24, 36 and 48 Volts. These new models are […]

How to make your motorcycle or scooter battery last longer

Motorcycle driver riding in Alpine highway Outdoor photography

Yuasa motorcycle batteries are built to last longer and deliver more power. By following a few simple tips and looking after your battery correctly you can get the maximum possible service life.  Always take care and follow the correct health and safety guidelines to protect yourself from serious injuries from fire, explosions or leaking acid. Use the […]

VictronConnect v5.22 – New Blue Smart Charger features and more

Victron Connect display on iphone image

A new version of the VictronConnect App has just been released and includes a number of significant new features: History log of the last 40 charge-cycles for all Blue Smart Chargers; Customizable battery settings, also for all Blue Smart Chargers; Synchronised charging for MPPT Solar Chargers; Faster connection setup – when connecting to a product; Fix a […]