Unlocking exclusive savings: Energy Monkey trade account benefits

Obtaining an Energy Monkey trade account for professionals, you’ll unlock exclusive benefits tailored for professionals in our community. These perks include the following.

  1. Access to the full Victron product catalogue
  2. Access to BSL batteries, JA Solar, Livoltek, Solar and Electrical supplies
  3. Exclusive trade discounts not published or available to the public
  4. Livestock in the UK
  5. Livestock at the Victron EU warehouse
  6. Livestock due in to our UK warehouse (coming soon)
  7. Ability to make quick orders or repeat previous orders
  8. DPD Tracking
  9. Order History
  10. Downloadable Invoice History
  11. Special offers for open box items
  12. Technical support
  13. Technical documents
  14. Technical diagrams
  15. Spare parts
  16. Access to Energy Monkey training days

Seize the Power: Why every Victron reseller and solar installer needs an Energy Monkey trade account

The Energy Monkey trade account has been created with the Victron reseller and solar installer in mind. The Energy Monkey Trade Portal allows trade professionals to see the full catalogue from Victron energy giving you access to products that are available for the rest of the world like 120v products and also products for other countries. We have negotiated the very best deals and are able to offer extra special rates for bulk and direct container orders.

Navigating the trade portal: A quick guide for prospective trade account holders

With swift access to real-time global prices and stock updates, your business can operate more efficiently and outperform competitors, enabling faster responses to your customers. The dedicated Trade Portal empowers professionals to place orders round the clock without the hassle of contacting us, letting you concentrate on your business priorities.

Trade account essentials: How to qualify and reap the rewards

For trade professionals engaged in using, installing, or reselling Victron Energy products or working as solar installers, the Energy Monkey Trade Portal is tailored for you. It provides direct access to Victron Energy and Solar Products, eliminating the need for direct calls. This portal caters to both sole traders and businesses in the trade utilising Victron or solar products.

The trade account advantage: Boosting profits and efficiency

Trade Professionals using the Energy Monkey Trade Portal enjoy straightforward advantages, including full access to the trade price list and the ability to place orders 24/7 without contacting us. This streamlined process enables us to concentrate on delivering unparalleled technical support and remote programming services to our valued trade customers.

FAQ questions to answer

Click the link and fill in your details, you will then be contacted for a quick chat about what you do before activation.

Signing up to the the Energy Monkey Trade Portal is super fast, every account starts with a proforma payment account and can take just a day or so to activate.

There is no minimum order requirement for the Energy Monkey trade account.

Yes you can track all your DPD deliveries through the Trade Portal – and we are currently looking at integrating a pallet service tracking system.

Ready to unlock exclusive benefits and boost your reselling business? Apply for a Trade Account today!

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