Victron Remote Management (VRM) is a free service provided by Victron Energy which allows the end user to remotely monitor and manage your Victron Energy system.

You can monitor, manage and optimise your Victron Energy systems remotely and catch potential issues early by setting alerts and alarms. With the most up-to-date Remote Monitoring solution on the planet, you are always in perfect control, from anywhere in the world.

VRM works with a GX-device such as the Cerbo GX with internet connection.

For an annual fee you can add Energy Monkey Ltd to your portal and we will monitor your system and setup for you.

We will initially monitor your system for 30 days and then report back to you our recommendations if there are any improvements that are required.

We will then continue to monitor your system over the next 11 months and if any alarms are raised by the portal we will contact you to discuss and hopefully rectify.

This twelve month package comes with three hours of support over the 12 months and includes all firmware updates.

Real-time insight. Complete control

Monitor the battery state of charge, power consumption, power harvest from solar, generator and mains in real-time. Optimise the energy harvest and usage with history graphs and detailed analytical reports. Catch potential issues early by setting alerts and follow up on alarms to prevent definitive system failure.


Install anywhere. Manage from everywhere

Easily check the shore power connection and battery temperatures, switch on the inverter, (auto)start/stop generators or even set quiet periods to avoid starting the generator in the middle of the night. With VRM you can change any setting, follow up on alarms, perform diagnostic checks and resolve challenges from wherever you are.

Adjust to real-life in real-time

With ever changing real-life circumstances in off-grid, insight and action based on real-time parameters are crucial for optimal system performance and its usage. With VRM, intelligent rules are easily set up so the system can counter real-life issues in real-time. With insights in data, off-grid users can adapt their energy usage behaviour to better balance with the energy harvest, for instance using heavy appliances only when the solar yield is sufficient.



Achieve peace of mind in off-grid

Thanks to the know-how that powers Victron’s products, VRM offers the highest level of control. Multiple systems can easily be monitored and managed from remote. Site visits are no longer always necessary and can be better prepared when needed. Working with VRM means new we can provide proactive services and maintenance to our customers.

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