Choosing the chemistry of your lithium-ion battery

Lithium SuperPack Battery Victron Energy Monkey

Lithium SuperPack – Imagine a world where mobile phones or laptops aren’t part of your regular life.  You aren’t connected to social media, and you are living in the long-gone 80s era.  Or how about living in a dystopian world where such items are seen as “luxury products” only afforded by the richest of the rich?

Chances are, you can’t imagine something like that.  Lithium-ion battery debunked all these scenarios and made phones, laptops, and electric cars accessible for anyone and everyone.

Lithium-ion battery made the modern world possible by supplying power to the technology our world depends on today.  What makes these batteries so unique?  What makes these batteries far more efficient than lead-acid batteries?  We’ll try to explore all these here.

Parts of lithium-ion battery

The battery comprises of many interconnected individual cells. Each cell can be seen to have three fundamental parts:

  • A positive electrode, which is also known as the ‘cathode’
  • A negative electrode, which is also known as the ‘anode’
  • A liquid electrolyte, without which the battery will not function

The basic mechanism of the battery is the production of electron currents that will pass from anode to cathode.  Although the battery is named as lithium-ion battery, it comes as a surprise that lithium is actually very reactive to its elemental form.  This is probably the underlying reason why elemental lithium is not used in such batteries.

We’ll see a lithium metal oxide in cathode and a lithium coated carbon compound in the anode. These are the elements necessary for intercalating.

Recharging chemistry of lithium-ion battery

This particular battery is also known as the rocking chair battery because the lithium ions will move in and out through the electrodes. From anode, the lithium ions, which are positively charged, go to the cathode.

Once they reach the cathode, the ions get deposited over there. However, in the case of electrons, they pass from cathode to anode.

On the contrary, when you are charging your batter, the exact opposite reaction occurs.  In this phase, the positively charged lithium ions pass from cathode to anode while, the electrons move from anode to cathode.

Charging and recharging occur in a cyclic manner, which makes the battery rechargeable.  In a series of reduction and oxidation reaction, an intercalating graphite compound reacts with cobalt oxide in order to form graphite and lithium cobalt oxide in a typical battery.

The benefits of lithium-ion battery

The modern world wouldn’t be possible without this battery.  What makes this battery so efficient is the inner composition.  The charge density of this battery is the highest of all.  That tells us that the battery has the capacity to provide more than a sufficient amount of energy without even being heavy.

Not only does the battery provide tons of energy, lithium is mostly light as a metal.  If you look at nickel or lead, you’ll see lithium is far lighter than those metals.

The battery is also recyclable, and can be used time and time again.

Lithium SuperPack

Victron Energy Lithium SuperPack batteries are specialised forms of batteries which do not need any extra components.  What makes them really effective, is they are easy to operate.  You can install it easily.  The battery will be automatically switched off when it’s being overcharged or during extreme temperatures.  The internal switch is responsible for this handy function.

Lithium SuperPack does not require a full charge.  Shelf life generally improves when it comes to partial charge rather than full charge.

The Lithium SuperPack batteries are extremely easy to install, not needing any additional components. The internal switch will disconnect the battery in case of over discharge, over charge or high temperature.

As a whole, we can see that lithium-ion battery is the best for its significant use and internal components for boats camper conversions and RV’s.

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